Victor Bumbalo  Author - Playwright - Director - Dharma Teacher


  •  “QUESTA is a mystery play and a wonder.It has the excitement of a taut, packed thriller; it explores guilt, suffering and redemption with real depth.The talents of Victor Bumbalo the comic charm, the moral courage, the range of characters—are in perfect accord.” Margo Jefferson, Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, New York Times and author of ON MICHAEL JACKSON
  • “Noteworthy talent abounds in Victor Bumbalo’s poetic morality play.” David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times
  • “Intense and emotionally riveting.A well-written and gripping play.” Cynthia Citron, KABC (radio)
  • “Remarkable! Strong! Victor Bumbalo’s dialogue is on the mark.”  Jonas Schwartz,
  • “Riveting! Fascinating! Mesmerizing!...Victor Bumbalo’s vivid script…QUESTA has a life of its own that will most definitely linger.” Sarika Chawla, IN Magazine
  • “Praise goes to Bumbalo’s script for neither over or underdoing anything and providing strong characterizations for all seven characters.” Tolucan Times


  • “Victor Bumbalo’s ADAM AND THE EXPERTS may be the most important play to deal with the AIDS crisis in gay society since William Hoffman’s AS IS and Larry Kramer’s THE NORMAL HEART." Stephen Holden, New York Times 
  • “ADAM AND THE EXPERTS is a play about living…infused with so much humor and vitality, it nearly breathes.” Terry Byme, The Boston Herald 
  • “Although, ADAM AND THE EXPERTS is about AIDS, it’s not all misery; it achieves a comfortable balance between pathos and humor.Bumbalo’s strength for dialogue lies in his realism—not writing punch lines or jokes, but re-creating the way people really do act and talk.You’ll leave the theater with a lump in your throat and hope in your heart.” Stephen Kyle, Bay Windows 
  • …the real power of ADAM AND THE EXPERTS is the compassion and generosity of spirit the Bumbalo brings to his characters’ lives.ADAM AND THE EXPERTS charts the depth of the grief and loss as no other play has done.” Michael Bronski, South End News
  • “It is a celebration of the will to live, of average people whom circumstances turn into heroes.” Michael Paller, New York Native
  • “…the good news: a seriocomic AIDS play by Victor Bumbalo is first rate…Bumbalo is able to ferret out quirky humor and hidden depths in characters that at first seem ordinary.” Jim O’Quinn, 7 Days​ 


  • “Rich comic cadences…Bumbalo is a funny guy.” Marilyn Stasio, New York Post
  • “Funny…Lively…Bumbalo demonstrates a healthy satiric wit, aimed at both straights and gays, and a lively sense of comic dialogue.” Bernard Weiner, San Francisco Chronicle
  • "NIAGARA FALLS dares to treat in gay delicate areas…Bumbalo scores some sharp character comedy…the play’s overall treatment of a situation and a rejected social Class who receive little “gay” treatment is most welcomed." Nicholas de Jongh, The Guardian (London)
  • “Funny and incisive.” Rob Baker, Daily News
  • “A maximum of both humor and pathos…I could have cheered.” James M. Saslow, The Advocate
  • “Bumbalo must have secretly taped parents across the country. He outdoes Neil Simon…It is a finely written work.” John Kerr, Bay Area Reporter
  • “There is a basic humanity here that one finds in very few plays.” Michael Bronski, Gay Community News


  • “SHOW owes much of its energy and boldness to Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee, but its vision is closer to that of Beckett and Ionesco than it is to any other playwrights.” Howard Stein, The Best American Short Plays
  • “TELL has a wonderful musical quality…elegant rhythms.” J. Copper Robb, Philadelphia Weekly


  • “…hilariously funny slice of gay life.” L.A. Weekly