Show appears in the anthology Best American Short Plays 1992-1993Published by Appleause Theatre Book Publishers

Show also appears in the anthology, Tough Acts to Follow, Alamo Square Press

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Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls and Other Plays

Niagara Falls (republished, Broadway Play Publishing, Inc.

Published by Calamus Books, New York City (includes Kitchen Duty and After Eleven)

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Adam and the Experts

Published by: Broadway Play Publishing

"Victor Bumbalo's ADAM AND THE EXPERTS may be the most important play to deal with the AIDS crisis in gay society since William Hoffman's AS IS and Larry Kramer's THE NORMAL HEART..."
See Full Review, The New York Times, by Stephen Holden

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What are Tuesdays Like? appears in both anthologies:

Sharing the Delirium

The Actor's Book of Gay and Lesbian Plays

Victor Bumbalo  Author - Playwright - Director - Dharma Teacher


Tell appears in the anthology, Gay and Lesbian Plays Today, Heineman
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"QUESTA is a mystery play and a wonder. It has the excitemnt of a taut, packed thriller; it explores guilt, suffering and redemption with real depth. The talents of Victor Bumbalo--the comic, the moral courage, the range of characters--are in perfect accord."
--Margo Jefferson, Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, New York Times and author of ON MICHAEL JACKSON

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What Are Tuesdays Like?
"WHAT ARE TUESDAYS LIKE? is a small epic set entirely in the waiting room of a New York AIDS clinic.  Bumbalo's drama is tough yet tender, lean yet spacious, as clear as water yet heartbreakingly powerful It is a miraculous play."
- Christopher Bram, author of Gods and Monsters and Exiles in America

"Many AIDS plays written in the darkest days of the epidemic captured the pathos and anger aroused by lives cut short against a backdrop of bigotry and indifference. ...few writers managed as gracefully as Victor Bumbalo to combine pathos with a bracing jolt of comedy. WHAT ARE TUESDAYS LIKE? is a tender, funny, altogether gorgeous piece of work."
-- Joe Keenan, Emmy award-winning writer of Frasier and author of Blue Heaven and My Lucky Star

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